About me 

Kia ora, my name is Samuel Mangakahia. I'm Maori and I was born and raised in Queensland Australia. 


I grew up in a home where making a mess, having fun and learning from each other was encouraged. I owe all I have been able to achieve to my wonderful parents.  I'm a graphic designer by trade, however, I spend most of my time in fine arts.


My journey began back in 2011 carving colourful Mahalo ukuleles now I enjoy using a variety of mediums that help me to share my culture and meaningful stories.


Although ukuleles will always have a special place for me, in the last two years, I have branched out into various mediums and methods. I have also had the opportunity to spend time with mentors such as, Rangi Kipa and jeff Merrill, who have helped me develop my skills as a practitioner. 


I hope to continue to stretch my abilities to create work that inspires and uplifts.


"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?"

Vincent Van Gogh


Contact Me

55- 220 Kulanui st, Laie. 

808 308 6421

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