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The Abundant Life-min.png

THe abundant life Mural 

This piece was designed and created by Sam Mangakahia and with the help of Zully Davila, Steven Crowell and many others it is now standing as vibrant symbol of the “Abundant life”.


The Process: 

The unique thing about this mural is that we had many people who were apart of the single adult conference held at BYU-Hawaii involved in the painting of and completion piece. Special organization lead and directed by Zully made this tricky feat possible.


Each panel was split up, numbered and painted separately. Finally when each of the panels were finished we fixed them together to complete the mural. The Structural insulated panels also known as SIPS were donated by Paul Staples the CEO of IHELPP an organization dedicated in helping rebuild disaster stricken areas in the Philippines.



We believe that the abundant life is a way of living rather than a destination. The canoe and the three figures is a symbolic representation of you, your ancestors and your future generations, the water symbolizes your individual journey, the mountains represent your goals and obstacles and the Sun depicts Christ who illuminates the way.


We hope as you enjoy this mural that you can think about what the “Abundant Life” means to you.


Sam Mangakahia

Zully Davila


Steven Crowell

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