How it works 

Email me your

idea /story 

Have a look at some of my work, screenshot it and send me it so I can get a feel of what your looking for. 


Discuss designs and pricing 

You are able to choose the size of your design which can best suit your desires and budget.

Finalize design and logistics  

After we talk about your story and process, I will create a design and you can leave the rest to me and my tools. 

Recieve your custom piece in the mail 

My art is all done by hand and I want it to be the best quality for you. Thank you for your patience while your piece is on the way!

Hamiora Collection Owners

From 2011 when I started to 2021 I have carved 382 ukuleles and 10 guitars. These numbers don't just represent instruments it represents all the people I have been able to meet and be inspired by their story. I defiantly have a few more pictures to post. Stay tuned. 


Amazing as always my friend

Josh Tatofi, Hawaiian Musician 


Thank you brother, this design means so much to me and my family. It will forever be a symbol of my Dad Kaulana Pakele. 

- Dillon Pakele

I'm so excited to Jam it bro! Thanks so much for doing this. Can't wait to share your art with everyone.

Kolohe Kai - Roman 

IMG_2263 (1).JPG

Can we just take a minute to appreciate Hamiora right now…

Please follow him… Go support his art, his mahi, his whakaaro, his gifts… He is just the man…

If you’re looking for a customised piece, then Hamiora is your man

-Stan Walker - Maori Singer