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Sam & Chalei

This is a little preview of our journey together since 2019. 


When we met

This picture was taken August 2019 in Brisbane, Australia. We actually met for the first time at the PCC in 2017, but we were reunited while on vacation in Australia. How could you resist shirtless Sam doing the haka?


While attending BYU-Hawaii together, we quickly became friends. We were able to go to activities together, join the business competitions, and meet new people. 

It took us a while to know that we were right for each other, but we are so grateful for that confirmation now. We love BYU-Hawaii and all of the memories made here!


Shaka Tribe

After doing the business competition at school, we learned that we worked well together. We started a business called Shaka Tribe with the help of friends and mentors. We love being creative together and coming up with new ideas. It's been so much fun but we still don't know what we're doing!

Friends, business partners, lovers... we do it all!


We spend most of our "free time" at the beach, meeting new people, working out, or doing art projects. 

One of our favorite things to do is read books together. We aren't the best readers, but we love learning new things. 



We had many ups and downs in our relationship, but we got through it and are so grateful for our ongoing trials. Without them, we wouldn't be able to see the good things!

Sam proposed where we first met at the PCC in October 2021. He totally thought he was good at keeping the secret, but Chalei knew it was coming the whole time. Good thing she's a good actress and made him feel like she had no idea. 


Our journey has been a hard yet beautiful experience so far. We are so excited for the many years and eternity together. Thank you to everyone who has been beside us these past few years. Let's all keep growing together!

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