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2022 Plans

Kia Ora, Whanau.

Wow, 2021 went like a flash!

So, the question is, what are you going to do differently this year? To really answer that question one needs to take time to reflect and take inventory of what just happen. Today has been that day for me.

I would say that 2021 was a very exciting, productive and growth filled year. I was able to share my art with some of my favorite artists like Stan Walker and Kolohe kai, continue to build and develop my other company Shaka Tribe, get married to my best friend forever, work for the president of BYU-Hawaii, meet and work with incredible people like Clay Olsen, Phil Zhan, Lindsay Hadley, Nanna Nancy, Ryan and Jared Smith, Henry Amar and so many more. Stay in Hawaii despite my visa situation being complicated, surf and keep jamming my guitar projects.

On the flip side I've also experience immense turmoil and stress with future plans not working out, working on the ebs and flow of my relationship, continually being restricted in my travel plans not being able to see my family which I haven't for about 2/3 years, working on overcoming my own insecurities and learning to totally rely and trust in the lord in allllll that I do, figuring out how to deal with my constant obsession to achieve and perform without stepping back to see all the blessings that lord has given me and that list goes oooon and onnnn.

With all that said, all I can do is continue to realign my life to face Christ, keep hustling, loving and DREAMING BIG. 2022 has a lot of BIG DREAMS. All my goals are spilt up into 4 areas. Personal, economic, spiritual and physical. In the next post I'll go into more detail but I want to share one goal I have with you right now.

My goal is to listen to 3 audiobooks a month for the whole year. I have invested in an audible subscription and I have selected all the books for the whole year so I know whats the plan is. Some months I have more than 3 but my goal is 3.

I want to share with you why I chose these goals and how I see them serving me to become better than I was in 2021.

Email me or call me, I'd love to hear your goals.

Stay tuned

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