The Hāmiora Collection 

Stan Walker 

New Zealand singer, actor, and television personality


Josh Tatofi

Hawaiian born Tongan Signer, award-nominated musician. 


Kolohe Kai 

Kolohe Kai has consistently been one of the most popular artists in Pacific Island Reggae music for over a decade

Dillion Pakele

Dillion Pakele

Son of Kaulana Pakele 
the lead singer of Mana'o
Company - Dillion is a talented emerging reggae artist 

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About me

My name is Sam. I currently live and work on the North Shore of Oahu as a designer and free lance artist.


From the age of 15 I was fascinated by Tā Moko which is the art of Māori Tattoo. That fascination led to carving Moko patterns onto ukuleles and guitars. What I realised later on, is that my strong interest in Moko wasn't just in the beauty of design it was in the process of learning people's story and sharing that through indigenous design. In my culture this is what we have done for centuries to preserve our history and today I do the same but on an instrument canvas. 


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55- 220 Kulanui st, Laie. 

808 308 6421

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