About me 

Kia ora, my name is Samuel Mangakahia. I'm Maori and I was born and raised in Queensland Australia. 


I grew up in a home where making a mess, having fun and learning from each other was encouraged. I owe all I have been able to achieve to my wonderful parents.  I'm currently studying graphic design at BYU-Hawaii, however, I spend most of my time making a mess with my hands. 


My journey began back in 2011 carving colourful Mahalo ukuleles now I enjoy using a variety of mediums that help me to share my culture and meaningful stories.


Although ukuleles will always have a special place for me, in the last two years, I have branched out into various mediums and methods. I have also had the opportunity to work alongside mentors such as, Rangi Kipa Jeff Merrill, and Jared Pere, who have helped me develop my skills as an aspiring artist.


I hope to continue to stretch my abilities to create work that inspires and uplifts.


Contact Me

55- 220 Kulanui st, Laie. 

808 308 6421

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